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    Dodge Grand Caravan Camper (Chrysler Town and Country)

    Boot dimensions:
    Length ⤢230Width ↔125Height ↕115

    Big and comfy – at places too much (a fold-up TV isn’t really necessary or the table at the back in some models will have to be taken out most likely anyway). Quite expensive to run, harder to drive. On the other hand, it offers a lot of space and storage compartments, comfy seats and plenty of USB and 220V power outlets. If you don’t mind the high consumption and are looking for comfort during long rides, this is a good choice.

    Although Chrysler Town and Country is a different car by name, they are very similar and only differ marginally in terms of size. The biggest difference is in their styling – outside and inside, but nothing that would make a huge difference in terms of camping.