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  • FLIP adventure bed

    £1,151 Boot dimensions:

    Handy if you want to save money – doesn’t come with any pull-out storage boxes or kitchen, it’s a bed platform with a mattress. It will still give you a good storage area underneath – handy for any kind of storage boxes you can buy cheaply elsewhere. If you take the mattress out, you can easily store your shopping or anything else on top or underneath.

  • EU/UK

    FLIP Camping box

    £2,644 Boot dimensions:
    • two separate furniture boxes with a sliding shutter, designed to be easily carried and stored
    • extractable bed​ mechanism made of anodized lightweight but strong aluminium profiles and crosses for extra strength
    • fresh & wastewater containers with an economical 12V submersible pump, water tap and a stainless steel sink with a flexible drain hose
    • large drawers with removable sections for kitchen utensils and food
    • cutlery tray – we will include colourful straws if you ask nicely :)​
    • portable gas stove​ – single or optional double stove with a safety valve in case of strong wind (standard A4 gas cartridges)
    • comfortable cushions made of premium breathable foam with durable covers and embedded wooden panels for perfect stability
    • portable cooler​ – optional quality Dometic TCX or compressor CDF cooling box keeps your food and drinks ice cold (operates on 12V and 220V) on optional tray