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  • Rifter camper (Long)

    The Peugeot Rifter, from the Berlingo family (and Opel Combo or Toyota ProAce City are basically the same cars), is longer, more comfortable and scores higher in safety tests than Berlingo – which just about makes it one of the top contenders for a great camper! 

    NimbleCamper rating: 3.7/5

  • Peugeot 5008 Camper

    A bigger version of the 3008, the 5008 is a 7-seater with ~17mm more ground clearance and 11cm longer boot. There are two versions – a newer SUV, which is also more luxurious and bigger and an older MPV version (until 2016). The measurements here are for the SUV – the newer version. The average used price is for the older model, the newer model is around 19,000 GBP.

    NimbleCamper rating: 3/5