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  • US

    Honda Odyssey camper

    Honda Odyssey is one of the biggest minivan (MPV-type) cars, rivalled only by the Kia Carnival (Sedona) or Toyota Sienna. You can sleep in it easily, and have a storage box in the boot without it getting in the way of sleeping, that’s how big it is :). Its 245cm (96.5in) long boot gives you 200cm (79in) of sleeping area and still leaves 45cm (17.7in) for storage – or your dog.

    Most camping conversions I’ve come across tend to throw everything out at the back to make the most of the space and build their own bed frames and storage. It is a good car for camping, if you can get over the higher price tag (starting at around $30,000).

    If you are looking for a minivan with a lot of storage space and seating flexibility, the Honda Odyssey is a good option for you. It can fit up to eight people in three rows of seats that are spacious and comfortable. You can also adjust the seats to suit your needs. The third row can be folded into the floor, and the second row can be slid, folded or taken out completely.

    NimbleCamper rating: 4/5

  • US

    Honda Pilot camper

    Honda Pilot is a very spacious SUV that also offers good comfort and good towing capacity for the AWD models. You can easily sleep two people inside including a dog, the roof window is a very nice bonus too. Overall, it’s a good car for camping.

    NimbleCamper rating: 3/5

  • EU/UK

    Honda CR-V Camper

    It’s a good enough camper if you push the front seats forward – giving you enough room to sleep. But its main advantage is that it’s a 4×4, not its size (there are bigger cars in our DB for that).

    NimbleCamper rating: 2.9/5