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    VW ID Buzz camper

    Boot dimensions:
    Length ⤢220Width ↔122Height ↕118

    This post gathers information about various versions of the ID Buzz as they become available. Latest update – 12. February 2023 – added the ID Buzz Cargo boot length, width and height.

    The king of camper vans received an electric upgrade. Actually, not just electric – the interior is looking very cosy and spacious too, as less room is needed for an engine + all its moving parts – which are now all underneath the cabin. The multifunctional rear seats + table and swivel front seats make it a very versatile car to camp in. And we do like a lot of space in our campers, don’t we!
    The double floor + rear seats folding flat to create a surface for a mattress look very handy – compared to a Multivan, where you have to level the seats with something.

    The ID Buzz Cargo version’s official dimensions are now available (1), making the electric small van one of the top campers in the People Carrier / Panel Van categories. If its boot was just a bit taller, it would take the first slot, but it’s overtaken by Fiat Doblo High Roof or the Hyundai Staria Cargo. However, it still offers plenty of room, a modular interior and of course – it’s 100% electric.