camp baldarin camping croatia 12 - Camp Baldarin: park your camper at the sea, surrounded by pine trees

Camp Baldarin: park your camper at the sea, surrounded by pine trees


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This one’s about our favourite camping destination in Croatia – where you are parked next to the crystal clear sea, surrounded by huge pine trees and can watch the deer roaming around the camp at night. This camp has all we were looking for – nature, a relaxed attitude (“just park your car anywhere you’ll find a good spot!”), activities, restaurants and good vibes. Oh, and about an 80/20 FKK split…

What’s an 80/20 FKK split you ask? Well, about 80% of the camp is FKK – Frei Körper Kultur = a nudist (naturist) camp. The entry + first 20%, where you can park your car easily is a standard camp. You don’t even have to go into the FKK part if you don’t want to, it’s purely up to you. There are restaurants available in the nearby town, a short walk away. Or there is a big restaurant in the FKK part, where you have to walk naked, but then get dressed to sit and eat. Croatia apparently has a long history of nudist camping and is one of the leading destinations for FKK enthusiasts.

The dog can keep its fur on, no worries.

What’s best about Camp Baldarin?

It has a very relaxed vibe

All types of campers (cars, caravans, trailers, hired bungalows, tents) smile at each other and we have only had good experiences each time.

camp baldarin camping croatia 1 - Camp Baldarin: park your camper at the sea, surrounded by pine trees
Doesn’t get any more “chill” than this!

Surrounded by nature

You camp between huge pine trees and feel like being in a forest, whilst only being a stone’s throw away from the crystal-clear sea. At night, the deer come roaming, which was fine the first time we were there alone, but the second time we had our dog Max with us and he did put on a show for not letting him out of the car to chase them 😀

camp baldarin camping croatia 5 - Camp Baldarin: park your camper at the sea, surrounded by pine trees
They come mostly at night, but you can spot them during the day too

Clean toilets and showers and a good number of them

There is a big building with toilets, showers and a dishwashing area and another one not too far in the FKK section. We never had to wait too long for the showers or toilets in the standard camping area anyway.

No touristy crap

The camp doesn’t try to sell you any trips, entertainment or any other bells and whistles. It does well what it is built for – being a camp next to the sea. Just park, set up and do what you want – enjoy the nature, sea, sports (ball sports or there is kayak/SUP hire), eat out or barbecue. You can find it if you wish so of course – just ask.


At the border of the FKK area, you’ll find a supermarket with everything you need. Yes, people are dressed there :D.


Hire a kayak and go around the southern tip of the island to explore its hidden beaches, walk around the narrow paths lined with tall stone walls, take a kayak or SUP across the bay to a cool restaurant/bar.

Perfect for dogs

Your furry friend can swim in the sea and there are plenty of options to walk him in the shade. There are dog beaches throughout the camp.

Good restaurants and bars

If you want a classy sit-down and enjoy a locally caught fish, head over to Restaurant Lučica all the way at the end of the Island (FKK area, but you can get there by road and dressed too). Or a short walk from the camp’s entry is Pogana – a village with at least two local restaurants, serving locally caught fish and local recipes with a good cold beer, glass of wine or some rakia! Read more about food and dining at Camp Baldarin. Further out is Punta Križa with even more restaurants, but we never walked there – it’s far and there was no need.

What kind of camping is available?

  • Non-parcelled camping – my favourite – you can’t book these in advance, just show up and find a spot you like. they only ask that you respect the privacy of campers already settled in the area. There are surprisingly many spaces available, but the higher the season, the higher the risk of not getting one. We prefer staying there early or late season or off-season, that way you get to enjoy it the most – not too hot, not too crowded, choose the best spot.
  • Parcelled camping – from standard, through premium to the superior and superior mare (at the sea), plenty to choose from
  • Glamping tents – spoil yourself during a longer stay in one of these huge tents with your own veranda and yard
  • Mobile homes for rent 2 bedrooms and equipped with everything you might need. Just bring good mood and sun lotion. Even clothing isn’t needed 😀
  • Caravans for rent – these are scattered across the camp, in between the non-parcelled camping area for example. Should you not fancy staying in a tent or your car, you can always upgrade to one of these.

What can you do in Camp Baldarin?

Aside from all the relaxing things you can do when camping in nature and by the sea – relaxing in a hammock, sunbathing, swimming, going for a walk, enjoying the sunset, exercise, mix and chat with other campers, you can also:

Of course, that’s only what we chose to do. There’s more:

  • A beach volley court
  • 2 tennis courts (clay)
  • A soccer court
  • A mini golf course
  • Basketball
  • 2 children’s playgrounds
  • Table tennis
  • Scuba diving, in Nerezine, 20 km away
  • kayak, pedal boat, bike or boat rental
  • explore the isolated beaches on foot or kayak/boat
  • take a stroll through the little village of Pogana during sunset
  • get naked and enjoy the naturist in you! There’s something different, primal about swimming naked. Worth a try!

How to get to Camp Baldarin?

The camp is located at the southern point of island Cres, Croatia. You need to drive to island Krk and take a ferry from Valbiska to Merag. I can’t remember exactly, but it’s not a long journey – just enough to drink a coffee or a beer and check out the views from both sides of the ferry.

Want to explore more? Check out this cool virtual walkthrough with aerial views of the entire camp.

Browse through all the camping options in this interactive camping pitch map.

How’s the weather at Camp Baldarin? See for yourself through their live cam.

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