Pacifica camping conversion camper 11 - Advanced Chrysler Pacifica Camper for 4 people

Advanced Chrysler Pacifica Camper for 4 people


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If you have the time and patience, you can create an impressive camper out of the Chrysler Pacifica. Let’s have a look at how the author – Todd Parker – has solved his camping needs. This Pacifica camper really does have it all – a kitchen, two double beds, solar power, a fridge and a microwave and much more.

The camping setup below could work for these cars:

Click on “Read More” below each car to see its boot dimensions for sleeping and camping, consumption and other useful information.

The way this Pacifica camper is organised makes the most of Pacifica’s huge boot space – it is, nonetheless, one of the MPVs/Minivans with the biggest boot space out there. It is basically a caravan in terms of all the things you can do with it, just much more compact – you can park it in a normal parking space :). The only restriction is its height – it might not fit all underground car parks (or car parks with a height restriction) with the roof tent on.

The advantage of the Pacifica is that its boot is much longer than a typical MPV, which means you can have storage shelves or a fridge at the back but still have a ~1.9m long sleeping area inside the car. However, that will block some of the light coming in from the rear (tailgate) window:

Pacifica camping conversion camper 10 - Advanced Chrysler Pacifica Camper for 4 people

This camping conversion includes:

  • Chrysler Pacifica AWD
  • kitchen
  • fridge
  • microwave
  • various storage compartments
  • running water (10 gallons)
  • pull-out countertop
  • full-size bed for two inside the car
  • roof tent for two
  • 160W solar panel charging a 1000W lithium battery
  • and a hidden toilet

What more can one need? Not much I suppose – you could get rid of the roof tent, as the most typical camper setup is for one or two people anyway. Then you would basically have a small motorhome that fits any car park easily – no caravan fees or height issues.

You can’t stand up inside like you would in a caravan of course – but that’s not the reason why people camp in everyday cars anyway.

What I like about this Pacifica camper conversion:

The sliding rails for the bed keep part of the bed hidden when the middle seats are up and help it stay in place when the bed is extended over the middle seats (that are used also as support). I like the felt tape used in various places – it makes it easy to slide things around without damaging them.

The pull-out countertop is made of lightweight but durable corrugated plastic:

The kitchen faucet is a simple water dispenser pump that can be charged via USB. These thingies can do from 50 to 150l of water on one charge, depending on the model. And you can get it at Amazon for 10-20 GBP. They are designed to sit on a water dispenser bottle, so you need to replace that with a PVC pipe of the same size as the faucet requires. You can either place a magnet at the bottom of the pipe or you can screw it onto the sink. See how the author did it at 4:09 in the video below – including a trick that enables you to rotate the faucet.

Pacifica camping conversion camper 3 - Advanced Chrysler Pacifica Camper for 4 people

Flat under-bed storage bins are used to make the most out of the small space – they store a lot of food (or clothing should you choose to).

Overall, this is a very thought-through DIY Camping conversion with plenty of tricks and ideas you can adapt to your car. Here goes the authors’ video, enjoy!

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