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  • VW ID Buzz camper

    The king of camper vans is getting an electric upgrade. Actually, not just electric – the interior is looking very cosy and spacious too, as less room is needed for an engine + all its moving parts – which are now all underneath. The multifunctional rear seats + table and swivel front seats make it a very versatile car to live in. And we do like a lot of space in our campers, don’t we!
    The double floor + rear seats folding flat to create a surface for a mattress look very handy – compared to a Multivan, where you have to level the seats with something.

  • VW Touran Camper

    It’s a bit smaller Sharan – easier to park, but less space inside, the rest is about the same. If you want a smaller (and a bit cheaper) car with VW interior & engine standards, good safety rating and good consumption that you can still sleep in, the Touran might just be it. If you don’t mind the interior as much, you’re better off looking at Berlingo, Caddy or similar cars.

    NimbleCamper rating: 2.9/5